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Get the best beauty supply  and hair products only at Premier Cuts hair salons of Kyle, Round Rock, San Marcos and New Braunfels, TX. After you get your new haircut you are going to want to make sure only the top hair products from hair sprays, gels, moose, hair shampoos and conditioners make it into your new do. We offer brands from Johnny B. Awaiphui, Redken, Bed Head, Matrix, Paul Michelle, American Crew and more.



best jel for mens hair


Meet MODE from Johnny B! Designed differently from any other gel, its unique structure makes any style possible to create!  This powerful gel gives you the control and muscle to tame difficult hair.  Mode contains a non-alcoholic formula with high viscosity that works great for medium to thick hair and is easy to rinse out.




Awaiphui hair product dealers of texas


Our Awaiphui deep conditioning treatment products are the best when it comes to restoring life back into your hair. This two step process rebuilds and moisturizes hair and can be applied by  one our our expect stylists or you may purchase a home kit for yourself. Ask for the best hair treatments today!





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The Paul Mitchell conditioners add the perfect amount of daily strength to your hair. Perfect for the home we also provide Paul Mitchell conditioning applications at all four of our Premier Cuts salon locations. The perfect ending to your haircut, ask for the best conditioning treatments today!




All Premier Cuts hair salons offer the highest rated hair products from brands like Paul Mitchell, Johnny B., Redken, American Crew, Tea Tree, Awapuhi, CHI, Bed Head, Mens Dept and more! Contact Us for recommended hair products,  pricing and availability.

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Top salon products from brands like RedKen, Amercian Crew, Paul Mitchell, Bed Head and more!

Highlights & ColoringHighlights & Coloring

Get the hottest looks with Premier Cuts color certified stylists offering the best highlights and custom coloring!

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Community specials, haircut coupons, salon deals and more are available for a limited time only at Premier Cuts!

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Facial waxing from lips, chins, and eyebrow waxing is available at every Premier Cuts salon location!