How To Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy

How To Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy

Whether you keep your hair in a long style or a short style, you should always make sure that your hair is healthy. Healthy hair is important for many reasons. When your hair is in good condition it grows more, and looks better. Healthier hair is also easier to style. There are several ways to assess the health of your hair. Below are a few things to keep an eye out for when caring for your hair.

Minimal Hair Loss

Unusual hair loss can be a sign that your hair is not as healthy as it should be. Some hair loss is to be expected, especially when brushing or washing your hair. In fact, it is perfectly normal to lose as many as 200 hairs per day. You should not worry about counting each hair that comes loose, but if you can pull out whole patches when you brush or comb your hair, you should definitely take notice.

Minimal Breakage

Healthy hair should have minimal breakage. Healthy hair has some elasticity, or stretchiness, and when brushed it should slightly stretch instead of breaking. Breakage is pretty easy to notice. If unusual amounts of hair are coming out in your hairbrush, or if there are little bits and pieces of hair scattered on the floor after you brush, your hair might be too brittle.

Soft & Shiny

Another way to tell if your hair is healthy is how it looks and feels. Healthy hair has a natural shine. Natural shine does not come from oily hair, which usually feels too slick, but should be brighter and have its own luster without the use of products. In addition, the way your hair feels can tell you if it is healthy. Damaged hair usually feels dry and rough, while healthy hair should feel smooth.

What to Do for Damaged Hair

Damaged hair can take some time to heal, but if you notice quickly you can take steps to get the process going. If your hair is damaged, consider getting a trim. The most damaged hair is often at the tips, and getting them trimmed can leave you hair looking much better. For any hair that is not cut off, treat it gently. Forgo hot tools, chemicals, and hair color for a while to help strengthen your hair. Too much heat weakens hair, so wash your hair in lukewarm or cold water, and let your hair dry naturally whenever possible. Finally, consider restorative and hydrating treatments for your hair. Most salons can recommend a variety of products that will help strengthen and restore your hair.

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